Questions and Answers About Dental Bridges

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If you’re interested in improving your smile and your oral health with a dental bridge, we invite you to learn more about this appliance so that you can better prepare for your treatment. We have provided answers to some common dental bridge questions to help you gather the information you need.

Q: What is a dental bridge?
A: A dental bridge is a durable dental restoration that can replace multiple missing teeth to restore your beautiful smile. A fusion of one or more synthetic teeth with two dental crowns, it anchors to your natural teeth by attaching the crowns to teeth on either side of the gap in your smile.

Q: What can I gain from a dental bridge?
A: A dental bridge can benefit your smile in many ways. One, it can enhance your smile and improve self-confidence by replacing your teeth. Two, it restores your teeth, returning the ability to speak and chew, as well as maintain your facial shape and prevent orthodontic problems.

Q: How is a dental bridge placed?
A: First, our team will numb your smile to ensure you stay comfortable. Then, our dentist removes the tooth enamel from the anchoring teeth to accommodate the dental crowns. Once the proper shape is made, he creates an impression and will send it to the dental lab so that a dental technician can custom craft the dental bridge. When it’s ready, our office will receive it and have you return for your second appointment, where we will cement the bridge over the anchoring teeth.

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