Answer Your Questions on Tooth Hazard Warning Signs

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Are you aware of any tooth hazards in your life that could potentially be putting your smile at risk at this very moment? Are there any lifestyle choices that you are involved in that may not have led to dental damage yet, but could potentially do damage to your teeth soon? If there are, it is best to avoid them at all times and not take the risk.

Avoid the oral health risks that can arise due to using your mouth in situations for which it is not intended to. If you try to chew on pencils, pen caps or any other inedible products, you can cause severe dental damage. In addition, biting your nails or trying to chew through anything that is not meant to be chewed on is a severe oral health risk and may leave you with a damaged smile. As a general word of caution, teeth cannot function effectively if they’ve been knocked completely out of your mouth.

Your diet can also heavily influence your oral health. The foods and drinks you are consuming could potentially be causing you to be susceptible to dental damage in various ways. If you drink coffee or wine, they often contain deep pigments that are capable of staining your teeth. In addition, they tend to be highly acidic which can slowly wear down your tooth enamel. As with many oral health risks, exercise caution with tooth hazards and dental dangers that can occur all around you. For additional oral health care treatments or restorations, come in to see your dentist.

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